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'Healthcare is a right, not a privilege." - David E. Smith, M.D.





Sample Articles

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Vol 40(2): A Case Report of Propofol Dependence in a Physician Udo Bonnet, M.D.; Jörg Harkener, M.D. & Norbert Scherbaum, M.D. View article
Vol 40(4):

Arrest Histories of High-Risk Gay and Bisexual Men in Miami: Unexpected Additional  Evidence For Syndemic Theory Steven P. Kurtz, Ph.D.

View article
SARC(5): Bar Patronage and Motivational Predictors of Drinking in the San Francisco Bay Area:  Gender and Sexual Identity Differences  — Karen Trocki, Ph.D. & Laurie Drabble, Ph.D. View article
Vol 40(3): Editors’ Introduction - David E. Smith, M.D.; Terry Chambers, B.A. & Richard B. Seymour, M.A  View article
Vol 40(2): The “Vine of the Soul” vs. The Controlled Substances Act: Implications of the Hoasca Case Ronald K. Bullis, Ph.D., J.D., M.Div. View article
Vol 40(1): Bringing Adolescents into Substance Abuse Treatment through Community Outreach and Engagement: The Hartford Youth Project Reginald Simmons, Ph.D.; Jane Ungemack, Dr.P.H.; Jennifer Sussman, M.F.A.; Robyn Anderson, M.A.;  Sandra Adorno; Jose Aguayo, A.A.; Khary Black, B.A; Steven Hodge, B.A; Rachel Tirnady, B.A. View article
Vol 39(4): Organizational Change in a Perinatal Treatment Setting: Integration of Clinical Practice and Policies on Tobacco and Smoking Cessation  — Martha A. Jessup R.N., Ph.D., C.N.S. View article

From the Archives

Vol 1(1): Lysergic Acid Diethlamide: An Historical Perspective - David E. Smith, M.D., M.S. View article
Vol 1(2): Symposium: Psychedelic Drugs and Religion - Speakers: David E. Smith, M.D.; Reverend Robert Cromy; Dr. Jack Downing; Reverend Laird Sutton View article
Vol 2(1): Use of Marijuana in the Haight-Ashbury Subculture - J. Fred E. Shick; David E. Smith, M.D.; Frederick H. Meyers, M.D. View article
Vol 2(2): The World of the Haight-Ashbury Speed Freak - Roger C. Smith - Director, Amphetamine Research Project, San Francisco Medical Center; D. Crim View article



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