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Faces of HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse in Native American Communities


Table of Contents

Volume 37, Number 3

September 2005


Editors’ Introduction: Faces of HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse in Native American Communities   —Karen Saylors. Ph.D.;  Nelson Jim, M.A.; Ana Vanesa Plasencia, M.P.H. & Derek Smith, M.P.H., M.S.W.

The Changing Face of HIV/AIDS Among Native Populations Irene Vernon, Ph.D. & Pamela Jumper Thurman, Ph.D.

Holistic Native Network: Integrated HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Services for Native Americans in San Francisco Ethan Nebelkopf, Ph.D. & Maritza Penagos, M.S.W., M.S.P.H.

Fur James Daniel

HIV/AIDS and Native Americans: The Health Departments’ Response Lynne Greabell, M.A.A. Penelope Cordes, Ph.D. & Susan J. Klein, M.S.

Native Women, Violence, Substance Abuse and HIV RiskKaren Saylors, Ph.D. & Nalini Daliparthy, M.P.H.

Art Therapy as Emotional and Spiritual Medicine for Native Americans Living with HIV/AIDSMelanie Bien, M.A., ATR-BC

Cultural Investment:  Providing Opportunities to Reduce Risky Behavior Among Gay American Indian MalesBrian Joseph Gilley, Ph.D. & John Hawk Co-Cké

Culturally Appropriate HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for Urban Native Youth Solis Aguilera, B.A. & Ana Vanesa Plasencia, M.P.H.

Special Projects of National Significance and the Alaska Tribal Health System: An Overview  of the Development of a Best Practice Model for HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment in Alaska   — Tracy Speier, M.P.A.

Oral Disease Prevalence Among HIV-Positive American Indians in an Urban Clinic  — Greg Goddard, D.D.S.; Carolyn Brown, D.D.S. & Ahmad Saleem G. Ahmad, M.A.

Using Motivational Interviewing to Promote HIV Testing at an American Indian Substance Abuse Treatment Facility  Kevin Foley, Ph.D.; Bonnie Duran, Dr.P.H.; Priscilla Morris; Julie Lucero; Yizhou Jiang; Bonita Baxter;  Melvin Harrison; Maynard Shurley; Ed Shorty; Darrell Joe; Jonathan Iralu, M.D.;  Lynn Davidson-Stroh, M.D.; Larry Foster; Mae-Gilene Begay  & Nancy Sonleitner

In the House of the Epidemic  James Daniel

HIV Prevalence and Correlates of Receptive Needle Sharing Among Injection Drug Users in the Mexican-U.S. Border City of Tijuana Carlos Magis-Rodríguez, M.D., M.P.H.; Kimberly C. Brouwer, Ph.D.; Sonia Morales, M.S.;  Cecilia Gayet, M.S.; Remedios Lozada, M.D.; Raul Ortiz-Mondragón, M.D.; Erin P. Ricketts, M.S. & Steffanie A. Strathdee, Ph.D.

Echoes Whispered in the Wind Jerry W. Kangas   

COVER ART Masks by Aurora Mamea and HIV-positive participants in the Family & Child Guidance Clinic’s Native Circle project



Vol. 37 (3)

September 2005

Faces of HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse in Native American Communities

Table of Contents

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