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Volume 35, Number 3

July - September 2003


Measurement of Adolescent Drug Use — Andrew R. Morral, Ph.D.; Daniel F. McCaffrey, Ph.D. & Sandy Chien, M.S.

Sibling Peer Support Group for Young People with a Sibling Using Drugs: A Pilot Study — M. Elizabeth Gregg, Ph.D. & John W. Tombourou, Ph.D.

Family-Focused Substance Abuse Treatment: A Program Evaluation — Judith Fry McComish, Ph.D., R.N.; Rivka Greenberg, Ph.D.; Joel Ager, Ph.D.; Lynnette Essenmacher, B.S.; Linda S. Orgain, M.P.H. & William J. Bacik, Jr., M.A.

Comparison of Background Characteristics and Behaviors of African-American, Hispanic, and White Substance Abusers Treated in Federal Prison: Results from the TRIAD Study — Jennifer L. Rounds-Bryant, Ph.D.; Mark A. Motivans, Ph.D. & Bernadette Pelissier, Ph.D.

Head Injury Among Drug Abusers: An Indicator of Co-Occurring Problems  — Robert Walker, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.; Matthew Hiller, Ph.D.; Michele Staton, M.S.W. & Carl G. Leukefeld, D.S.W.

TC-Oriented Supported Housing for Homeless MICAs — Stanley Sacks, Ph.D.; George De Leon, Ph.D.; JoAnn Y. Sacks, Ph.D.; Karen McKendrick, M.P.H. & Barry S. Brown, Ph.D.

Effects of the Amazonian Psychoactive Beverage Ayahuasca on Binocular Rivalry: Interhemispheric Switching or Interhemispheric Fusion? — Ede Frecska, M.D.; Keith D. White, Ph.D. & Luis E. Luna, Ph.D.



Family History of Alcohol Dependence in Asian Americans  — Nicole C. Ebberhart, B.A.; Susan E. Luczak, Ph.D.; Nancy Avanecy, B.S. & Tamara L. Wall, Ph.D.

Acute Physiologic and Chronic Histologic Changes in Rats and Mice Exposed to the Unique Hallucinogen Salvinorin A  — Mark Mowry, D.O., Ph.D.; Michael Mosher, Ph.D. & Wayne Briner, Ph.D.

Drug Use Among Texas Alternative School Students: Findings from Houston’s Safer Choices 2 Program — Ronald J. Peters, Dr.P.H.; Susan R. Tortolero, Ph.D.; Robert C. Addy, B.I.E., M.A.; Christine Markham, Ph.D.; George S. Yacoubian, Jr., Ph.D. & S. Liliana Escobar-Chaves, Dr.P.H.

 Spiritual Self-Schema, Therapy, Drug Abuse, and HIV — David Marcotte, S.J., Ph.D.; S. Kelly Avants, Ph.D. & Arthur Margolin, Ph.D.

Boletus Manicus Heim — Benjamin Thomas, B.A. (Hons.)

Beliefs About Drinking Behavior Predict Drinking Consequences  — Arthur W. Blume, Ph.D.; Ty W. Lostutter, B.S.; Karen B. Schmaling, Ph.D. & G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D



Pain Management  — Reviewed by Donald R. Wesson, M.D.

Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence — Reviewed by Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience — Reviewed by Steve Heilig, M.P.H.

INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE — Richard B. Seymour, M.A; David E. Smith, M.D. & Terry Chambers, B.A.

COVER ART — Hall of Self Reflection by Ronald A. Bracale




Vol. 35 (3)

July - September 2003

Table of Contents

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