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Volume 34, Number 4

October - December 2002


Severity of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Problems Among Perinatal Drug-Dependent Women Donna R. Miles, Ph.D.; Jody L. Kulstad, Ed.D. &  Deborah L. Haller, Ph.D.

Sexual Abuse Among Women Entering Methadone Treatment Norma G. Bartholomew, M.A.; Grace A. Rowan-Szal, Ph.D.; Lois R. Chatham, Ph.D.; Diane C. Nucatola, M.S. & D. Dwayne Simpson, Ph.D.

Treatment Concerns of Women with Co-Occurring Serious Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorders Patricia E. Penn, Ph.D.; Audrey J. Brooks, Ph.D & Brenda DeWitt Worsham, M.Ed.

Drug-Scene Roles and HIV Risk Among Puerto Rican Injection Drug Users in East Harlem, New York and Bayamón, Puerto Rico Samuel R. Friedman, Ph.D.; Sung-Yeon Kang, Ph.D.; Sherry Deren, Ph.D.; Rafaela Robles, Ed.D.; Hector M. Colon, Ph.D.; Jonny Andia, Ph.D.; Denise Oliver-Vele, B.A. & Ann Finlinson, Ph.D.

Denial in Addiction: Toward an Integrated Stage and Process Model—Qualitative Findings Matthew Howard, Ph.D.; Curtis McMillen, Ph.D.; Lisa Nower, J.D., Ph.D.; Diane Elze, Ph.D.; Tonya Edmond, Ph.D. & John Bricout, Ph.D.

Looking Beyond Stereotypes:  Exploring Variations Among Crack Smokers Danielle German, M.P.H. & Claire E. Sterk, Ph.D.

Exploring Benzodiazepine Use Among Houston Arrestees George S. Yacoubian, Jr., Ph.D.; Blake J. Urbach, M.S.; Kristine L. Larsen, M.S.; Regina J. Johnson, Dr.Ph. & Ronald J. Peters, Jr., Dr.Ph.

Hearing Loss in Amphetamine Users Nayyer Iqbal, M.B.B.S., M.R.C.Psych.



Engaging Dual Diagnosis Patients into Treatment: The T.E.E.A.C.H. Program Michael S. Levy, Ph.D.

Amlodipine Reduces Blood Pressure and Headache Frequency in Cocaine-Dependent Outpatients Robert Malcolm, M.D.; Jason Liao, Ph.D.; Melissa Michel, M.Ed.; Kristina Cochran, M.T.; Wesley Pye, B.S.; Derik Yeager, B.S. & Perry V. Halushka, M.D.

Can HCV Be Prevented Among Injection Drug Users?  — John Newmeyer, Ph.D.

INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE Richard B. Seymour, M.A; David E. Smith, M.D. & Terry Chambers, B.A.

INDEX — Volume 34 (1-4) 2002

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Vol. 34 (4)

October - December 2002

Table of Contents

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