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Volume 33, Number 4

October - December 2001


Editors’ Introduction: Therapeutic Jurisprudence — David E. Smith, M.D.; Friedner D. Wittman, Ph.D. & Richard B. Seymour, M.A.

Proposition 36: Issues and Challenges  — Kathryn P. Jett

Exploring the Opportunities of Proposition 36 — Peter Banys, M.D.

California Collaborative Center for Substance Abuse Policy Research:  A History and Update — Carroll Estes, Ph.D; Richard B. Seymour, M.A. & Marie Christine Yue, M.A.

Prevention, Community Services and Proposition 36 — Friedner D. Wittman, Ph.D.

The Impact of Criminal Justice Institutions on Substance Abuse Treatment — Brian Greenberg, Ph.D.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Judicial and Corrections Panel — Marty Jessup, R.N., Ph.D.

Drug Court Effectiveness: A Review of California Evaluation Reports, 1995-1999 — Joseph Guydish, Ph.D.; Ellen Wolfe, Dr.P.H.; Barbara Tajima, Ed.M. & William J. Woods, Ph.D.


Drug Use, Street Crime, and Sex-Trading Among Cocaine-Dependent Women:  Implications for Public Health and Criminal Justice Policy —  James A. Inciardi, Ph.D. & Hilary L. Surratt, M.A.

Drug Treatment Effectiveness: African-American Culture in Recovery — Benjamin P. Bowser & Rafiq Bilal

Pharmep้na-Psychonautics: Human Intranasal, Sublingual and Oral Pharmacology of 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyl-Tryptamine — Jonathan Ott


Overdose of 2.3 Grams of Intravenous Methamphetamine: Case, Analysis and Patient Perspective — John C. Buffum, Pharm. D., B.C.P.P. & Alexander T. Shulgin, Ph.D.


In Memory of Oscar Janiger, Pioneer in Psychedelic Research — Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Ph.D.

INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE —  Richard B. Seymour, M.A; David E. Smith, M.D. & Terry Chambers, B.A.

INDEX — Volume 33 (1-4) 2001

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Special Focus Section:  Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Vol. 33 (4)

October - December  2001

Table of Contents

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