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Volume 33, Number 1

January - March 2001


Editors’ Introduction: Bridging the Gap in San Francisco, the Process of Integrating Harm Reduction and  Traditional Substance Abuse Services — Alice Gleghorn, Ph.D.; Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D. & Barbara Garcia

Opening Inspiration for “Bridging the Gap: Integrating Traditional Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction Services” (May 3-4, 1999, San Francisco) — Reverend Edwin C. Sanders, II

Integrating Harm Reduction Therapy and Traditional Substance Abuse Treatment — G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D; Arthur W. Blume, M.S. & George A. Parks, Ph.D.

Strategies for Implementation of Harm Reduction in Treatment Settings Patt Denning, Ph.D.

Treatment of Dually Diagnosed Clients — Jeannie Little, L.C.S.W.

Substance Use Management: A Harm Reduction-Principled Approach to Assisting the Relief of Drug-Related Problems Dan Bigg, C.R.A.D.C.


Spiritual and Religious Support in Recovery from Addiction Among HIV-Positive Injection Drug Users S. Kelly Avants, Ph.D.; Lara A. Warburton, Ph.D & Arthur Margolin, Ph.D.

Comparison of Self-Report and Hair Analysis in Detecting Cocaine Use in a Homeless/Transient Sample Philip W. Appel, Ph.D.; Joseph H. Hoffman, M.A.; Howard T. Blane, Ph.D.; Blanche Frank, Ph.D.; Rivka Oldak, Ph.D. & Michelle Burke, B.S.

The Impact of Substance Abuse Treatment Modality on Birth Weight and Health Care Expenditures —  Marilyn Daley, Ph.D.; Milton Argeriou, Ph.D.; Dennis McCarty, Ph.D.; James J. Callahan, Jr., Ph.D.; Donald S. Shepard , Ph.D. & Carol N. Williams, Ph.D.

A Case Study of Employment Case Management with Chronically Unemployed Methadone Maintained Clients David A. Zanis, Ph.D. & Donna Coviello, Ph.D.

Testing Cermak’s Hypothesis: Is Dissociation the Mediating Variable that Links Substance Abuse in the Family of Origin with Offspring Codependency? Daniel Harkness, Ph.D., A.C.S.W.

Psychological Distress and Substance Use by Adolescent Mothers: Associations with Parenting Attitudes and the Quality of Mother-Child Interaction Susan Spieker, Ph.D.; Mary Rogers Gillmore, Ph.D.; Steven M. Lewis, Ph.D.; Diane M. Morrison, Ph.D. & Mary Jane Lohr, M.S.



An “Accidental” Acute Psychosis with Ecstasy Use Guillaume Vaiva, M.D., Ph.D.; Virginie Boss, M.D.; Daniel Bailly, M.D.;         Pierre Thomas, M.D., Ph.D.; Philippe Lestavel, M.D. & Michel Goudemand, M.D.

INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE —  Richard B. Seymour, M.A; David E. Smith, M.D. & Terry Chambers, B.A.

COVER ART — Cote d’Azur by April Berger (



Vol. 33 (1)

January - March 2001

Table of Contents

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