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The CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project: Moving Research into the “Real World”


Table of Contents

Volume 32, Number 2

April - June 2000


 Foreword: The CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project H. Westley Clark, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.

Editors’ Introduction: The CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project: Moving Research into the “Real World” M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D. & Richard A. Rawson, Ph.D.

History of the Methamphetamine Problem M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.;  Cynthia Burke, Ph.D.; Brian Perrochet; Ewa Stamper, Ph.D. & Samia Dawud-Noursi, Ph.D.

A Multisite Study of the Effectiveness of Methamphetamine Treatment: An Initiative of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment James M. Herrell, Ph.D., M.P.H.; Jane A. Taylor, Ph.D.; Cheryl Gallagher, M.A. & Samia Dawud-Noursi, Ph.D.

The CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Program: Research Design Accommodations for “Real World” Application Alice Huber, Ph.D.; Russell H. Lord, Ed.D.; Vikas Gulati, B.S.;  Patricia Martinelli-Casey, Ph.D.; Richard Rawson, Ph.D. & Walter Ling, M.D.

The Matrix Model of Outpatient Stimulant Abuse Treatment: History and Description — Jeanne L. Obert, M.F.T., M.S.M.; Michael J. McCann, M.A.; Patricia Martinelli-Casey, Ph.D.; Ahndrea Weiner, M.S.; Sam Minsky, M.A.; Paul Brethen, M.A. & Richard Rawson, Ph.D.

Treatment-as-Usual in the Methamphetamine Treatment Project Gantt P. Galloway, Pharm.D.; Patricia Martinelli-Casey, Ph.D.; Janice Stalcup, M.S.N., Dr.P.H.; Russell Lord, Ed.D.; Darrell Christian, Ph.D.; Judith Cohen, Ph.D., M.P.H.; Chris Reiber, Ph.D., M.P.H. & Denna Vandersloot, B.S.

Methamphetamine Abuse: Issues for Special Populations Thomas E. Freese, Ph.D.; Jeanne Obert, M.F.T., M..S.M.; Alice Dickow, B.A.;  Judith Cohen, Ph.D., M.P.H. & Russell H. Lord, Ed.D.

A Descriptive Analysis of Participant Characteristics and Patterns of Substance Use in the CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project: The First Six Months Chris Reiber, Ph.D., M.P.H.; Gantt Galloway, Pharm.D.; Judith Cohen, Ph.D., M.P.H.;  Jeffrey C. Hsu, B.S.; Russell H. Lord, Ed.D.

Conducting Trials in Community Setting: The Provider Perspective Joan E. Zweben, Ph.D.; Judith B. Cohen, Ph.D.; Jeanne Obert, M.F.T., M.S.M.; Denna Vandersloot, B.S., C.C.D.C. & Patricia Martinelli-Casey, Ph.D.

Moving Research into Community Settings in the CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project: The Coordinating Center Perspective Richard A. Rawson, Ph.D.; Michael J. McCann, M.A.; Alice Huber, Ph.D.; Patricia Martinelli-Casey, Ph.D. & Lorie Williams, B.A.

The CSAT Methamphetamine Treatment Project: What Are We Trying to Accomplish? M.D. Anglin, Ph.D. & R.A. Rawson, Ph.D.

Predictors of Relapse After Treatment for Methamphetamine Use Mary-Lynn Brecht, Ph.D.; Christina von Mayrhauser, Ph.D. & M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.

Correlates of Outpatient Drug Treatment Drop-Out Among Methamphetamine Users Margaret Maglione, M.P.P.; Brian Chao, B.S. & M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.

A Comparison of Injecting and Noninjecting Methamphetamine Users  — Catherine P. Domier, B.S.; Sara L. Simon, Ph.D.; Richard A. Rawson, Ph.D.;  Alice Huber, Ph.D. & Walter Ling, M.D.

Methamphetamine and Cocaine Users: Differences in Characteristics and Treatment Retention  — Richard Rawson, Ph.D.; Alice Huber, Ph.D.; Paul Brethen, M.A., M.F.C.C.;  Jeanne Obert, M.F.T., M.S.M.; Vikas Gulati, B.A.; Steven Shoptaw, Ph.D. & Walter Ling, M.D.

COVER ART —Energy Interceptors by Frank Pietronigro  (



Vol. 32 (2)

April - June March 2000

CSAT: Methamphetamine Project

Table of Contents

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