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Volume 31, Number 4

October - December 1999


Effectiveness of Comprehensive Services for Crack-Dependent Mothers with  Newborns and Young Children — Stephen Magura, Ph.D., C.S.W.; Alexandre Laudet, Ph.D.; Sung-Yeon Kang, Ph.D. & Shirley A. Whitney, M.S.

Residential Treatment for Women with Dependent Children: One Agency’s Approach — Danica Kalling Knight; Paula E. Hood, Sarah M. Logan & Lois R. Chatham

Criminality Among Female Drug Abusers — Siv Byqvist, Ph.D.

Drug Treatment Outcomes: Investigating the Long-Term Effects of Sexual and Physical Abuse Histories — Robert Fiorentine, Ph.D.; Michelle L. Pilati, Ph.D. & Maureen P. Hillhouse, Ph.D.

Using Naltrexone in Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment — Patricia C. Knox, Ph.D. & Dennis M. Donovan, Ph.D.

Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Alcohol-Induced Violence: A Case Study — Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

A Preliminary Study of Drug Abuse and Its Mental Health and Health Consequences Among Addicts in Greater Accra, Ghana — Yahya  H. Affinih, Ph.D.

Effects of Control and Motivation on Treatment Outcome — Cindy J. Kludt, Ph.D. & Lawrence Perlmuter, Ph.D.

A  Survey of Adult Recreational Drug Use Via the World Wide Web: The DRUGNET Study — Thomas Nicholson, Ph.D., M.P.H.;  John White, Ph.D. & David F. Duncan, Dr. P.H.

The Social Construction of the Crack Epidemic in the Print Media — Donna M. Hartman & Andrew Golub, Ph.D.

Teotlaqualli: The Psychoactive Food of the Aztec Gods — Jan G.R. Elferink, Ph.D.



The Status of Psychologists’ Training About and Treatment of Substance-Abusing Clients — Michael P. Aanavi, Ph.D.; Daniel O. Taube, J.D., Ph.D.;Davis Y. Ja, Ph.D. & Eduardo F. Duran, Ph.D.

Subjective Appraisal of Problem Severity and the ASI: Secondary Data or Second Opinion? — Thomas G. Brown, Ph.D.; Peter Seraganian, Ph.D. & Norm Shields, M.A..

Therapeutic Use of Cannabis by Crack Addicts in Brazil — Eliseu Labigalini, Junior, M.S.; Lucio Ribeiro Rodrigues, M.S. & Dartiu Xavier Da Silveira, Ph.D.



Heroin  —  Reviewed by Steve Heilig, M.P.H.


INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE —  Richard B. Seymour, M.A; David E. Smith, M.D. & Terry Chambers

COVER ART — Technophilia by Frank Pietronigro  (



Vol. 31 (4)

October - December 1999

Table of Contents

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