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Volume 31, Number 3

July-September 1999


Special Focus Section:  The Target Cities Initiative

The Challenge of Managed Care in Drug Abuse Treatment

The Challenge of Managed Care in Drug Abuse Treatment - Joseph Guydish, Ph.D. & Randolph Muck, M.Ed.
A Process Evaluation of the San Francisco Target Cities Project in the First Year - Joseph Guydish, Ph.D.; William Woods, Ph.D.; Barbara Tajima, M.S. & Yvonne Frazier
Creating More with Less: Implementation Issues in the Newark Target Cities Project - John Muffler, Ed.D. & Bruce Johnson, Ph.D.
Miami's Target Cities Project: Past and Present Lessons - James E. Rivers, Ph.D.; Eugene Komaroff, Ph.D. & J.Lawrence Mendoza
Establishing a Target Cities Model in Cleveland - Richard C. Stephens, Ph.D.; Russell Kaye, Ph.D. & Huey Chen, Ph.D.
Target Cities as an Effective Solution to the Special Problems of Treatment and Recovery in the City of Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulle - James Becnel, M.S.W.; Scott Ray, Ph.D.; Thomas Wolf, Ph.D.; Jaques Detiege, M.A.; Susan Dollar, M.S.W. & Willie Gable, Jr., M.P.H., M.Div., Ph.D.
Improving Substance Abuse Treatment for Indigent Clients in Detroit - Phyllis Zold-Kilbourn, M.P.A.; Thoma Tucker, M.P.H.; & Jan Berry, M.A.
The Portland Target Cities Project: Emerging Patterns of Service in a Managed Care Environment - Nancy Barron, Ph.D.; Christine Thurston, Ph.D.; Maureen Rumptz, Ph.D.; Phillip Windell, M.A.; Michael Finigan, Ph.D. & Bentson McFarland, M.D., Ph.D.
A Chronology of the Dallas Target Cities Model, with Emphasis on the Impact of a State Funding Crisis - Martin Krepcho, Ph.D.; Laura Snell, M.P.H.; Michael Coletta, B.A. & Lois Olson, M.S.W.
Albuquerque Target Cities: Preliminary Findings - Paul Guerin, M.A.; Shannon Morrison, M.A.; Kristine Denman, B.A.; Laura McNamara, M.A. & Angela Gover, M.A.
The Boston Target Cities Program: Overview and Evaluation Results - Michael Shwartz, Ph.D.; David Gastfriend, M.D.; Kevin Mulvey, Ph.D.; Gregg Baker, G., B.S.W.; Donna Woods, M.Ed.; Cathleen Wheeler; Natalie Zaremba; & Alonzo Plough, Ph.D. & Plough, A.
Reorganizing Publicly-Funded Drug Abuse Treatment: The Experience of Ten Target Cities Projects - Joseph Guydish, Ph.D. & Randolph Muck, M.Ed.
Biopsychosocial Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes of Pregnant Cocaine-Dependent Women in Residential and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment - Marliee Comfort, Ph.D., M.P.H. & Karol Kaltenbach, Ph.D.
HIV Needle Risk Behaviors and Drug Use: A Comparison of Crack-Smoking and Nonsmoking Injection Drug Users in Ohio - Robert Carlson, Ph.D.; Russel Falck, M.A.; Jichuan Wang, Ph.D.; Harvey Siegal, Ph.D. & Ahmmed Rahman, B.S.
Evaluating Corrections-Based Treatment for the Drug-Abusing Criminal Offender - Kevin Knight, Ph.D.; Matthew Hiller, Ph.D. & D. Dwayne Simpson, Ph.D.
Detecting Cocaine and Opiates in Urine: Comparing Three Commercial Assays - Robert Schilling, Ph.D.; Balmatee Bidassie, M.A. & Nabila El-Bassel, D.S.W.
Cover Art Passage by Karen Dang


Vol. 31 (3)

July - September 1999

Special Focus Section: The Target Cities Initiative
The Challenge of Managed Care in Drug Abuse Treatment



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