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Volume 31, Number 2

April - June 1999


Optimizing Response to Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Use of Higher-Dose Methadone Sarz Maxwell, M.D. & Marc Shinderman, M.D.

Smoking and Anxiety in Combat Veterans with Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review   — Jean C. Beckham, Ph.D.

Neurocognitive Dysfunction in Dually-Diagnosed Patients:  A Potential Roadblock to Motivating Behavior Change — Arthur W. Blume, M.A.; J. Mark Davis, Ph.D. & Karen B. Schmaling, Ph.D.

Amlodipine Treatment of Cocaine Dependence — Robert Malcolm, M.D.; Kathleen T. Brady, Ph.D., M.D.; Julianne Moore, R.N., M.S.N. & Daniel Kajdasz, Ph.D.

The Influence of Recovery Status and Education on Addiction Counselors’ Approach to Treatment    — Bertram E. Stöffelmayr, Ph.D.; Brian E. Mavis, Ph.D.; Laura A. Sherry, M.S., C.R.C. & Christopher W. Chiu, B.S.

Attributions for the Development of Substance Addiction Among Participants in a 12-Step Oriented Treatment Program J.B. Kingree, Ph.D.; Bryce F. Sullivan, Ph.D. & Martie P. Thompson, Ph.D.

Criminal Justice Coercion in the Treatment of Alcohol Problems:  An Examination of Two Client Subgroups Douglas L. Polcin, Ed.D.

Patterns of Alcohol Use Among Methadone Clients in a Glasgow Housing Estate Ed Lowe, M.A. & David Shewan, M.A., Ph.D.

The Duboisia Genus, Australian Aborigines and Suggestiblity Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Ph.D. & Ronni Stachalek, M.A.

Bizarre Images and Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Agents: A Unique Case Report Ray H. Rosenman, M.D. & Jack D. Maser, Ph.D.

Three Cases of Delirium After “Ecstasy” Ingestion A. Alciati, M.D.; B. Scaramelli, M.D.; A. Fusi, M.D.; E. Butteri, M.D.; M.L. Cattaneo, M.D. & C. Mellado, M.D.

Pharmahuasca: Human Pharmacology of Oral DMT Plus Harmine Jonathan Ott



Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess and How We Can Get Out Ending the War on Drugs: A Solution for America The Fix Reviewed by Steve Heilig, M.P.H.

Enzyklopädie Der Psychoaktiven Pflanzen [Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants] — Reviewed by William Emboden, Ph.D.

Finding Your Higher Power: A Seminar on Tape — Reviewed by Paul Ehrlich, M.A.


INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE —  Richard B. Seymour, M.A; David E. Smith, M.D. & Terry Chambers

COVER ART — Clouds on the Move by Blazin



Vol. 31 (2)

April - June 1999

Table of Contents

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