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Current Perspectives on Substance Abuse Treatment for Women: Part I


Table of Contents

Volume 27, Number 4

October - December 1995


Editors’ Introduction — Joan Ellen Zweben, Ph.D. & Vivian B. Brown, Ph.D.

Interview with Maggie Wilmore, Chief of Women and Children’s Branch, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment — Vivian B. Brown, Ph.D.

Gender Relations in Addiction and Recovery Hortensia Amaro, Ph.D. & Carol Hardy-Fanta, Ph.D.

Level of Burden: Women with More Than One Co-Occurring DisorderVivian B. Brown, Ph.D.; George J. Huba, Ph.D. & Lisa A. Melchior, Ph.D.

Gender Differences in the Assessment of Specialized Treatments for Substance Abuse among People with Severe Mental Illness — Jeanette M. Jerrell, Ph.D. & Susan Ridgely, M.S.W., J.D.

Postpartum Women in Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment: Correlates of Retention/Completion Irma H. Strantz, Dr.P.H. & Shawn P. Welch, B.A.

Predictors of In-Treatment Relapse in Perinatal Substance Abusers and Impact on Treatment Retention: A Prospective Study Karen S. Ingersoll, Ph.D.; I-Li Lu, Ph.D. & Deborah L. Haller, Ph.D.

Perceived Need for Treatment among Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women Arrestees Dana M. Baldwin, Ph.D.; Mary-Lynn Brecht, Ph.D.; Genevieve Monahan, M.A., R.N.; Kiku Annon, M.A.; Jean Wellisch, Ph.D. & M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.

Women Living with Drug Abuse and HIV Disease: Drug Abuse Treatment Access and Secondary Prevention IssuesGloria Weissman, M.A.; Lisa Melchior, Ph.D.; George Huba, Ph.D.; Geoffrey Smereck, J.D.; Richard Needle, Ph.D.; Sheila McCarthy, R.N.; Adelbert Jones, Ph.D.; Sander Genser, Ph.D.; Linda Cottler, Ph.D.; Robert Booth, Ph.D. & Frederick Altice, M.D.

Lesbian Alcohol and Marijuana Use: Correlates of HIV Risk Behaviors and Abusive RelationshipsSusanna M. Perry, Ph.D.

Ethnic Differences in HIV Risk Behaviors, Self-Perceptions, and Treatment Outcomes among Women in Methadone Maintenance TreatmentChristine E. Grella, Ph.D.; Jeffrey J. Annon, M.A. & M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.

HIV-Related Risk Behaviors and Seropositivity among Homeless Drug-Abusing Women in Miami, Florida Lisa R. Metsch, Ph.D.; Clyde B. McCoy, Ph.D.; H. Virginia McCoy, Ph.D.; James M. Shultz, Ph.D.; Shenghan Lai, Ph.D.; Norman L. Weatherby, Ph.D.; Heather McAnany, B.A.;  Ronald Correa, M.S. & Robert S. Anwyl, M.A.

INDEX —Volume 27 (1 – 4), 1995

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Vol. 27 (4)

October - December 1995

Current Perspectives on Substance Abuse Treatment for Women: Part I





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