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Volume 27, Number 2

April - June 1995


Drug Use by Homicide Offenders — Barry Spunt, Ph.D.; Henry Brownstein, Ph.D.; Paul Goldstein, Ph.D.; Michael Fendrich, Ph.D. & Hilary James Liberty, Ph.D.

Illegal Drug Use, Alcohol and Aggressive Crime Among Mexican-American and White Male Arrestees in San Antonio — Avelardo Valdez, Ph.D.; Charles D. Kaplan, Ph.D.; Russell L. Curtis, Jr., Ph.D. & Zenong Yin, Ph.D.

The Demedicalization of Methadone Maintenance — Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

Treatment Intensity and Reduction in Drug Use for Cocaine-Dependent Methadone Patients: A Dose-Response Relationship — Andrew Rosenblum, Ph.D.; Stephen Magura, Ph.D.; Jeffrey Foote, Ph.D.; Michael Palij, Ph.D., Leonard Handelsman, M.D.; Meg Lovejoy, B.A. & Barry Stimmel, M.D.

The Use of Node-Link Mapping in Drug Abuse Counseling: The Role of Attentional Factors — Michael Czuchry, M.A.; Donald F. Dansereau, Ph.D.; Sandra M. Dees, Ph.D. & D. Dwayne Simpson, Ph.D.

Relapse Prevention for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Borderline Intellectual Functioning, or Illiteracy — JoAnne Elaine Paxon, M.S., C.R.C., C.A.C.



Modified Tobacco Use as a Risk-Reduction Strategy — Ken Tilashalski, D.M.D.; Karen Lozano, M.A. & Brad Rodu, D.D.S.

The Changing Relationship Between Therapeutic Communities and 12-Step Programs: A Survey — Timothy N. Troyer; Alfonso Pio Acampora, M.B.A.; Lynn E. O’Connor, Ph.D. & Jack W. Berry, M.A.

Psychoactive Properties of Pergolide Mesylate — James A. Wilcox, D.O.

Sympathetic Response to Betel Chewing — Nai-Shin Chu, M.D.



Influence of Marijuana on Driving — Reviewed by Raymond C. Peck, M.A.

Treating Coexisting Psychiatric and Addictive Disorders: A Practical Guide — Reviewed by Robert Walker, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Psychotherapy of Addicted Persons — Reviewed by Joan Ellen Zweben, Ph.D.

A Matter of Balance: Personal Strategies for Alcohol and Other Drugs — Reviewed by Richard B. Seymour, M.A.



International Addictions Update — David E. Smith, M.D. & Richard B. Seymour, M.A.

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Vol. 27 (2)

April - June 1995




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