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Volume 25, Number 3

July - September 1993


Stigma or Legitimation? A Historical Examination of the Social Potentials of Addiction Disease Models Caroline J. Acker, Ph.D.

Entangled Epidemics: Cocaine Use and HIV Disease E. Paul Larrat, Ph.D. & Sally Zierler, Dr.P.H.

Sociodemographic and Attitudinal Correlates of Alcohol and Other Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents: Analysis of a Large-Scale Attitude Tracking StudyThomas R. Zastowny, Ph.D.; Edgar H. Adams, Sc.D.; Gordon S. Black, Ph.D.; Kirke B. Lawton & Anne L. Wilder, M.S.

Issues to Consider When Predicting Retention in Therapeutic Communities Ward S. Condelli, Ph.D. & George H. Dunteman, Ph.D.

Decline in HIV Seroprevalence and Low Seroconversion Rate Among Injecting Drug Users at a Methadone Maintenance Program in New York City Nadeem S. Siddiqui, M.D., M.P.H.; Lawrence S. Brown, Jr., M.D., M.P.H.; Thomas J. Meyer, Ph.D. & Virgilina Gonzalez, M.D.



Haight-Ashbury Free Clinics’ Drug Detoxification Protocols—Part 2: Opioid BlockadeGantt Galloway, Pharm.D. & Gregory Hayner, Pharm.D.

Methadone Doses and Psychopathological Symptoms During Methadone MaintenanceIcro Maremmani, Orietta Zolesi, Tommasa Agueci & Paolo Castrogiovanni

Koro in Heroin WithdrawalArabinda N. Chowdhury, M.D., M.A.M.S., Ph.D. & Dhrubo Jyoti Bagchi, M.B.B.S.

Referendum Deletes Criminal Sanctions for Drug Users in ItalyGiancarlo Arnao



Lesbians and Gay Men: Chemical Dependency Treatment Issues Reviewed by Joanne M. Hall, R.N., Ph.D.

Crack Pipe as Pimp: An Ethnographic Investigation of Sex-for-Crack ExchangesReviewed by Paul Goldstein, Ph.D.

Marihuana, the Forbidden MedicineReviewed by David E. Presti, Ph.D. & Richard Evans Schultes, Ph.D.

Cannabis in Amsterdam: A Geography of Hashish and Marijuana Reviewed by Stephen J. Sifaneck



International Addictions UpdateDavid E. Smith, M.D. & Richard B. Seymour, M.A.

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Vol. 25 (3)

July - September 1993






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