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Volume 6, Number 3

July - September 1974

Repression, Reform and Drug Abuse: An Analysis of the Response to the Rockefeller Drug Law Proposals of 1973 - Ron Bayer
Diversion in Drug Related Cases-A View from the Defense - Richard D. Atkins
The Courts and I-Ruminations, Retorts and Remnants - J. Thomas Ungerleider, M.D.
Chicanoizing the Therapeutic Community - William S. Aron, Norman Alger & Ricardo T. Gonzalez
Interviews with Hallucinogenic Drug Discontinuers - Carl Salzman, M.D. & Jonathan Lieff, M.D.
The Legalization of Marihuana: Views of Several American Populations of Users and Non-users - Gary Fisher, Ph.D., Allan Steckler, Dr.P.R., Irma Strantz, Dr.P.H. & Emily Nabholtz, Dr.P.R.
The Role of 'Flowers' in Nahuatl Culture: A Suggested Interpretation - R. Gordon Wasson
Letters from Andrew Weil: Caffeine - Andrew Weil, M.D.
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Vol. 6 (3)

July - September 1974



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